You need: Contrastare l'effetto crespo

A pre-wash treatment suitable for all hair types that effectively reduces frizz for up to 14 days. Guaranteed efficacy up to 7 washes*. Leaves hair silky, soft and shiny, without weighing it down.
On curly hair: combats frizz and porosity, for full-bodied, bouncy and defined curls.
On straight hair: banishes frizz, maintains the natural movement of the hair and improves manageability.

With the Advanced Keratin System - an exclusive Hydrolysed Keratin-based complex that fills out any irregularities in the hair fibre - it smooths the cuticles, coating them with a protective film. It improves hair texture, banishing frizz and providing protection from humidity. Facilitates combing and styling, leaving the hair soft, silky and easy to detangle.
*Efficacy demonstrated with a self-assessment test on 30 women.

Apply the treatment to dry hair. Divide the hair into sections and apply generously lock by lock, until all hair is sufficiently covered. Leave to sit for 8-10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and following with the shampoo and mask. To maintain the results achieved, treat hair every 14 days.