You need: Contrastare l'effetto crespo

An anti-frizz gel encased in an innovative hair mascara format. Instantly banishes frizz, setting and keeping any rebellious, short and broken hair in proximity to the hairline, sides and base of the neck, under control. The hair is soft, shiny and under control.

The transparent gel is easy to apply to the hair, owing to the help of the practical wand applicator. Enriched with a special Polymer, it combats frizz by coating the hair with a fixing film, which is non-sticky and leaves no residue.
The precision applicator allows for the even and targeted application of the product: the ultra-soft fibre bristles ensure smooth and gentle application. The spiral shape of the fibres makes it possible to tame even the shortest and most rebellious of hair.  

Apply to dry-up or down-hair directly using the wand applicator. Apply the gel evenly and wait a few seconds before touching your hair, so as to allow the product to dry properly. Ideal for targeted, speedy touch-ups at any time of the day.