Body Care


Sublime Hydration Body Cream

You need: Hydrate

Returns shine, softness, and 24h hydration to dry and very dry skin. Quenches skin and guarantees an intense continued hydration, ensuring the tissue's optimal hydrolipidic balance. Helps to reinforce skin's natural barriers to prevent dehydration. Free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, Alcohol, and Colourants. Nickel tested*. Dermatologically tested.
*may contain traces of less than 0.00001%

An exquisite formula with:
LUMINESCINA®: Brings light and splendour to skin from the first application.
HYDROVITON® PLUS, GLYCERIN AND PANTHENOL: Three exquisite hydrating ingredients to intensely and deeply hydrate skin.
VITAMIN E: Antioxidative effect to preserve skin's natural, physiological balance.
ALLANTOIN: Restores the correct degree of hydration to skin and prevents drying.
OAT EXTRACT: Soothing and softening properties for elastic and soft skin. Free from Parabens, Mineral oils, Alcohol, and Colourants, to be gentle on your skin. Nickel Tested* and Dermatologically Tested.
*may contain traces of less than 0.00001%

Apply the cream daily to your whole body, lightly massaging it in.