Body Care



You need: Hydrate

A highly advanced formula with rapid absorption that hydrates, nourishes, and gives skin incredible softness. Extraordinarily velvety and fragranced skin for 24 hours. It is characterised by a unique and refined fragrance that envelops senses throughout the day. Free from Parabens, alcohol, and silicons. Nickel tested*. Dermatologically tested.
*may contain traces of less than 0.00001%                                                       

Apply the cream daily to your whole body, lightly massaging it in. 

An exquisite formula with:
HYALURONIC ACID: Lubricates the layers of skin made of elastin and collagen; skin retrieves its softness and elasticity.
AGAVE EXTRACT: A very rare plant known since antiquity; improves skin's elasticity and nourishment, protecting it from premature ageing.
NEEM OIL: Thanks to its high Vitamin E and fatty acid content, it has great anti-oxidative and anti-ageing power.
SILK PROTEIN: Exclusive soothing and restoring properties, it promotes the restoration of the skin's natural barrier.
SESAME OIL: Soothing, anti-oxidative, and sebum restoring properties. Fights skin's dryness, fragility, and lack of tone.
PEONY EXTRACT: Elegant and refined flower with renowned soothing and restoring properties, as well as its unique fragrance.
ORCHID EXTRACT: Symbol of pure beauty, elegance, and sensuality, it is a gold mine for skin thanks to its extraordinary hydrating properties.
Free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, Alcohol, and Colourants, to be gentle on your skin. Nickel Tested* and Dermatologically Tested.
*may contain traces of less than 0.00001%