You need: Give shine

A treatment that amplifies the shine of all dyed hair. Hydrates hair internally, reinforcing the structure and keeping a uniform and intense colour from roots to ends. Protects and prolongs colour's intensity, leaving the fibre more elastic and brighter. Maximum shine, vivacity, and depth of colour.

Apply to towel-dried hair after shampoo, leave in for a few minutes then carefully rinse.

A mix of active ingredients that protect and brighten hair. Color Lasting Factor covers hair to protect it from fading; the Luminescina fights photo-oxidative stress and increases shine; Grape Extract, with antioxidative properties helps to keep hair's colour vibrant. It contains a clarifying ingredient which fights dullness caused by calcium deposits on the capillary fibre. UVA/UVB filters guarantee long-lasting protection, keeping colour bold from roots to ends.

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