You need: Give shine

An instant rinse-free treatment with a rich and exquisite texture that brings instant shine to all types of hair. Hair is profoundly hydrated and is soft and shiny. 

Apply in small doses to the lengths and ends of damp hair. On dry hair, it gives shine.  Doesn't weigh hair down or make it sticky. Rinse-free.

A synergy of selected active ingredients: Anti-Pollution Complex, Flaxseed and Safflower Oil. The Anti-Pollution Complex has specific anti-pollution and photo-protective qualitie, and the Flaxseed and Safflower Oil are known for their exceptional nourishing capacities. The refined mix fa ensures that the Diamond line is capable of protecting hair from pollution, minimising adhesion of smog particles to the capillary fibre, and giving maximum splendour and extraordinary light and shine to hair.

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