Professional Hair Program



You need: Define straight hair

Gently cleanses hair, nourishing it and smoothing it without weighing it down. Eliminates frizz for long-lasting light, smooth, and controlled hair.

Apply to wet hair and massage with water.
Rinse carefully.

5 Tricho Cosmetic actions for a highly professional result at home
1 Thanks to its exclusive thermo-active Polymeric based formula HAIR IS SMOOTH AND CONTROLLED.
2 ELIMINATE FRIZZ, for long-lasting and always smooth straight hair.
3 Protects the SHINE and BRIGHTNESS of hair, as if an invisible film were enveloping each hair.
4 HYDRATES HAIR throughout the lengths without weighing it down.
5 Contains Silk Milk, with extraordinary soothing and hydrating properties, MAKES HAIR SOFT AND SILKY.