Professional Hair Program



You need: Take care of your scalp

Gives your hair new strength and vigour, invigorating the scalp. Stimulates microcirculation preventing scalp irritations. Keratin, Stimola la microcircolazione prevenendo le irritazioni del cuoio capelluto. La Cheratina, constitutive element of hair, strengthens the capillary from within at its weakest points. Biotin has a reinforcing effect and helps prevent hair loss.

Apply to wet hair and massage with water. Rinse carefully.

5 Tricho Cosmetic actions for a highly professional result at home
1 With Arginine, it HELPS PREVENT HAIR LOSS giving your hair new strength and vigour.
2 TONES THE SCALP, thanks to its special formula with Ginseng.
3 SKIN BALANCING ACTION; stimulates microcirculation, preventing scalp irritations.
4 Enriched with Keratin, a constitutive component of hair, it STRENGTHENS THE CAPILLARY STRUCTURE from within, and at the weakest points.
5 Biotin has a REINFORCING EFFECT and helps to prevent hair loss.