You need: Pamper hair

An exquisite beauty treatment that brings lightness, softness, and shine. A sweet, amber fragrance that envelops hair giving an exclusive sensory experience. Hair, nourished from the roots, is as soft as silk and reveals amazing brightness.

Apply to wet hair to detangle it and give it body, it makes hair light, gives extreme shine, and reduces drying time. It brings instant shine to dry hair, making it silky and controlled. The formula is rapidly absorbed with zero residue. Rinse-free.

Three organic oils form the formula's base: Argan oil, nourishes with extreme lightness and incredible silkiness; Cyperus oil, soothes hair and gives it volume; Flaxseed Oil softens and smoothes the cuticle for maximal brightness. The sweet, amber fragrance with a vanilla base welcomes in the charming fragrances of the East.