You need: Permanent colour

Professional permanent cream-gel colour kit. Its innovative formula with long-lasting technology helps the colour to securely anchor to hair, perfectly covering white hairs and ensuring extraordinary colour intensity which remains unaltered between applications. Available in 15 shades.

Wear gloves: during preparation, application, and rinsing. Pour all the Gel Colour Cream into the Developer Cream. Close the bottle and shake until a homogenous mix is achieved. Immediately remove the top of the pre-cut spout and proceed immediately with the application. Utilizza la tonalità della miscela colorante. Apply to dry unwashed hair. Part the hair into sections. Apply first to the roots, then to the whole head. Gently massage to mix in the colour. Leave to rest for 30 minutes. At the end of the rest period, pour some warm water onto hair and massage. Apply usual shampoo and rinse carefully until the water runs clear.


Omega 3-6 Brightening Treatment for soft, hydrated, and extremely shiny hair:
• UVA/UVB filters protect and prolong colour shine
• Omega 3-6 essential fatty acids deeply nourish hair, making it soft and protecting the colour, enhancing its brightness.