Professional Hair Program



You need: Cleanse frequently

Strengthening: a eudermic pH formulated for frequently cleansing skin and hair. Reduces the risk of scalp irritation, returns to hair its natural beauty, making it stronger and easier to comb.

Apply to wet hair and massage with water.
Rinse carefully.

5 Tricho Cosmetic actions for a highly professional result at home
1 Its extremely delicate eudermal pH formula is PERFECT FOR FREQUENT USE.
2 GIVES CONSISTENCY AND VITALITY to your hair, thanks to its fortifying Keratin action.
3 Hair appears healthier and brighter as its NATURAL SHINE IS ENHANCED.
4 Enriched with Moringa Oil with extraordinary hydrating and restorative properties, it makes your hair EXTREMELY SOFT.
5 Thanks to its effective CONDITIONING ACTION hair is silky and easy to comb.