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Through the targeted release of the active ingredients contained therein, the Anti-Cellulite Patch* promotes a reduction in localised fat deposits and imperfections caused by cellulite in the treated area. Counteracts ‘orange peel’ skin, helping to prevent its reappearance over time. Specifically for problem areas. The treated area is softer, firmer and smoother. With regular use, fat deposits, cellulite imperfections and the ‘orange peel’ effect are visibly reduced**.
Free from Mineral Oils, Alcohol and Colourants, to be gentle on your skin. Dermatologically tested. 

With the ACTI RELEASE SYSTEM, each patch promotes the gradual and continuous penetration of the active ingredients contained therein for approximately 8 hours, acting in a targeted manner on the most deep-rooted and hardened cellulite. Developed with a soft and comfortable fabric, the patch is easy to apply, moulding to the body like a second skin, meaning it can be applied both day and night, even under clothes. The optimised size makes the patches suitable for application on problem areas of the body (thigh and buttocks), which are generally more prone to cellulite. With CAFFEINE and GUARANÀ - boasting lipid-reducing and draining properties - the patch ensures an intensive treatment against imperfections caused by localised fat deposits, favouring microcirculation for the subsequent reduction in cellulite and any ‘mattress-like zones’ concentrated in the treated area. Enriched with a balanced BLEND OF PLANT EXTRACTS (HORSE CHESTNUT EXTRACT, TEA, HORSETAIL AND IVY), the patch promotes the natural re-densifying and re-compacting capacity of the tissues, reducing the irregularities of ‘orange peel’ skin and providing the skin with renewed tone and smoothness.

*Adjuvant treatment to combat the imperfections caused by cellulite.

**Efficacy demonstrated with a clinical test on 30 subjects.